Who is ISS?

Established in 1998, Industrial Safety Services (ISS) is a small, specialist provider of both health and safety related products and services.

What does ISS do?

Here, at ISS, we pride ourselves in providing a high level of customer service, providing specialist product knowledge and most importantly providing our experience. Due to this, we have gained an impressive portfolio of clients, with many who are leading national and even multinational organisations. We have also contributed work on some major projects around Ireland, the UK and Mainland Europe.

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What does ISS provide?

We provide a variety of products from clothing to gas detection as well as providing specialist product hire, consultancy and training. With all these options available to us, it was becoming increasingly difficult to promote each division equally, so in 2016 it was decided that we should divide ISS into a number of different divisions. This way we were able to provide more relevant information for each area that you, the customer, were looking. Currently, we have three divisions, ISS Safety, ISS Clothing and ISS Hire.

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What makes ISS Clothing different?

Our clothing range has played a major part of our product portfolio over the years, providing everything from workwear, uniforms, promotional and incentive products for our numerous clients. Now that our clothing range has its own division and dedicated web site we are able to expand upon our successful product range and customer service in a more productive way that was best for our customers. We also provide a customisable option for apparel that may require company logos, team crests or other garments and items with designs for a special occasion or event, regardless of size or quantity of items required.  We are in a fortunate position to be able to print, embroider, or heat press a multitude of items quickly and efficiently at very affordable and competitive prices. Contact any of our experienced team for further information based on your requirements.

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Thank You.

We thank you for the time you have taken to read about our profile, and hope it was of interest and of benefit to you. We hope that sometime in the future, you, your organisation and company name may be associated to ours in the same way as our existing client base and that both companies will be able to benefit from each other’s vast experience, knowledge and high profile.